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NOTICE OF Location and method for counting absentee/mail ballots


Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Clerk of Rapelje Elementary School District No. 32, Stillwater County, State of Montana that Absentee/Mail Ballots for the School Election held on the 5th, day of May, 2020, will be counted at the following location on election day:


Rapelje Public Schools, 714 Main Street, Rapelje, MT  59067-0089


These Absentee/Mail Ballots will be counted using the following method:


The clerk will verify the signatures on the outside signature envelope.  The clerk will then remove the secrecy envelopes and deliver them to the appointed election judges at the polling place the day of the election.  The election judges will open the secrecy envelopes and put them in the ballot box.  All ballots will be hand counted after the closing of the polls at 8:00 p.m.  This method insures that neither the clerk nor the election judges know how or by whom the absentee ballots were voted.


DATED this 27th day of April, 2020.


District Clerk:  Stephanie Zindler




Sample Ballot