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                                                                                                                          March 19, 2019

Dear Parents,


            Happy March!  Our year is zooming by us.  Here are some happenings from our classroom:


CRT Testing:  Students in grades 4, 8, and 10 are required by the State of Montana to take the Criterion Referenced Science Test.  Students are testing in March.  They will take 2 tests.  The first test will be on Wednesday (March 20th) in the morning.  The second test will continue that morning, or will finish on Friday (March 22nd ).  Please help ensure your child’s success and ability to focus by making sure he or she gets a goodnight’s sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and has a healthy snack to eat for the morning of the test.


Book Fair:  Our Book Fair project is underway!  Students have a rubric to use that shows exactly what the requirements are for the poster board display.  We began working on the project today.  We will continue every day at school.  Students need to bring in any 3 D items from home for their boards next week by March 26th that pertains to the theme of their book.  We have some supplies they can use as well.  The due date will be Tuesday, April 2nd .  Boards will be on display that week.  I look forward to the amazing creativity and learning that this project inspires!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!


Math:  In 3rd Grade, we have been working on Topic 9: Understanding Fractions.  In 4th Grade, we have been working on Topic 15: Solving Data and Measurement Problems.  Both grades will have an assessment coming up.


Science:  In 3rd Grade, we are studying Chapter 3: Energy in Your World.  In 4th Grade, we are studying Chapter 2: Force in Motion.  Any vocabulary you can review with your child will benefit their learning experience with this content!


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 663-2215 or e-mail me at .


                                                                                                                        Thank you!